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How to do a Spiritual Cleansing

Getting rid of a ghost (or any psychic phenomena) can be tricky business, and sometimes after they have been "discovered" and/or told to go - they act up, just like misbehaving children.   So an increase in paranormal activity is not unusual when you first start trying to eliminate them.

It is essential that you invoke all powers of protection available to you through prayer, meditation and knowledge before you undertake the cleansing of your home.

1.  To create one area of your home that will be a safe haven,   start with just one room. Remember it is ususally NOT a one time process,   you will most likely have to do this one room several times before it "feels" clean.   Then "after" securing this one room you can progress to other rooms, preferably the adjoining rooms one at time until the whole house is cleared.   You may want to cleanse the whole house, but unless you are experienced I would advise the one room at time method.

2.   Meditate and invoke protecton before beginning.   use the following to begin my meditations,
a.) I always say the Lords Prayer, or whatever prayer affirms your belief in the Higher Authority you choose,  
b.)  light candles and incense and/or smudge wands - (it is beleived that spirit entities DO NOT like strong odors) and c.)   begin meditating on a brilliant white light that focuses on me directly and bathes me in it's protection.   When I feel "graced" I then proceed to the following.

3.   Enter the area to be cleansed and open EVERY single door and drawer, open blinds and drapes, even windows.

4.   Begin in the furthest corner of the room, usually a corner in a closet, Bless this area in the name of the Higher Authority. (I don't use formal prayer here, but rather I "talk" and ask the spirit to leave this area) I also ask that he not return to this area as it it sacred and my personal space.   During this first blessing I use the "water of life" ( mix 1 teaspoon salt into 1 quart of water - this is similar in content to the water in our bodies) Sprinkle it generously on all surfaces.

5.   continue working the room in this manner, making sure to bless and secure every corner and every open door and drawer, and box .

6.   I repeat the same step above the second time I use the incense/smudge stick and wave it in every corner and drawer etc, this time though I ask the spirit "go in peace", I continue this step until I feel that the area is peaceful.   I also leave the candle and incense burning until they are gone before closing anything back up.

7.   I conclude with a prayer of thanks to the Higher Authority, I also at this time ask that the spirit not attach itself to me or any of my belongings. Be SURE to bless the doorway and let the spirit know he cannot cross this doorway to reenter back into the area that has been blessed.


You may have to repeat this ceremony daily for a few days to ensure that the spirit "understands" that you are serious.   And, it is a small price to pay for your "haven".

If you feel that prayer might help you you can click on this button to go to the prayer page.