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Getting Outside Help
Whether you need to get verification of activity through a paranormal investigator or need the help of a cleansing ritual, you will need some type of documentary evidence to present.   The best way to do that is to keep collect all the evidence you can.   Below you will see the most basic and easy to collecttypes of evidence.   There are other ways to document your haunting, but we will leave those up to paranormal investigators. (the equipment costs are staggering)

Keeping a log
Once you've decided that you are experiencing "haunting" activities it is time to begin a Journal or Log.   Any type of notebook or tablet will do. Keep your entries as clinical as possible (leave out all adjectives). Entries should include - Date, Day of the week, Time, Length of the event, and any possible witnesses.

An example entry follows below:

Tues June 1st, 2000, 2:15 AM, awoke to the sound of footsteps in the hall that appeared to enter the back bedroom, shortly after footsteps I heard crying in the back bedroom.   The back bedroom is empty and isused as a storage area, no one else was awake at the time.

Fri June 9nth, 2000, 3:30 AM, I had used the restroom and when I got back in bed just as I was falling asleep - I felt someone touch my left leg, the dog began growling and left the bedroom. These are the types of entries that should go in your Log.

Take Photos
You will not "see" 99% of spirit energy with your eyes.   There again are many theories about why a camera can record what we cannot see, but for our purposes it is sufficient that it does!   So, take photos!!!   If there is an area where you are uncomfortable or suspect that there is activity about to happen or in which activity has just happened, photograph it!!!   You may surpiesed to see orbs, or vortex's or ectplasm is REALLY there!   This type of documentation is irrefutable, and will surely convince others to help you.   If you visit our photo page you will see some fine examples of spirit energy. Compare your photos to those and if you are not sure send them t ome via email and I will examine them for you.

Contacting a Paranormal Investigator
This is the next logical step!   If you are lucky enough to have a group of investigators in your area simply contact them with your documentation.   Most will investigate for free, however please be sure to check with them before you agree to anything.   Even if they work for free, it would be nice to offer them a donation to help cover film cost or equipment usage.   Remember that paranormal investigators will only "verify" that you are indeed experiencing haunting activities, these groupd DO NOT participate in spirit removal.   Spirit Removal, is a very highly specialized field and I am sure you will find it more difficult to locate someone to cleanse your residence.

Talk to your Spirit
Just what I said, talk to him/her, explain that they are not welcome and the activity associated with them frightens you and ask them to stop.   You may surprised to find that in a majority of cases the activity will stop, for a time anyway.   If the the activity resumes repeat what you did the first time, and keep repeating it every time!!!   I have found it most effective to talkt o them and follow it by a request that the spirit move on and leave the residence and then proceed to "bless" the residence in whatever religious style you choose.   You must be a participant in this process, if you had a bad tooth, you would not be able to send your friend to the dentist for you!   There comes a time when we must do things for ourselves.   The wild reaction you see on hollywood film does not occur!   Be firm with your spirit, tell it that this is YOUR home, and he/she is an unwanted guest.

It didn't work!!!
Now is the time to contact me for individualized help!

Fill out the Help form Here!
Below you will find links to most major Paranormal Investigators, remember though that these folks can only verify that you do or do not have a resident spirit.   Feel free to contact them if you need verification, however for spirit release issues I as always remain available to you!


Investigative Committee for Unexplained Events

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Arkansas Paranormal Investigation Research Society


The Bay Area Paranormal Research Society

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Colorado Ghost Society

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Northeast Board of Psychic Investigations

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Paranormal Research Society of New England

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Connecticut Paranormal Research Society

The Atlantic Paranormal Society

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Paranormal Investigations of South Florida

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Illinois Ghost Hunters Society

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NWI Ghost Trackers 

OSIS-One Star In Sight

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Southeast Iowa's Paranormal Investigation Team

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Kansas Ghost Hunters

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Lexington Paranormal Researchers 

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Louisiana Amateur Spectral Research Center


Maines Ghost Hunters Assc.


Atlantic Paranormal Society


Maryland Paranormal Investigators

Greater Dundalk Paranormal Investigators 

Ghost Hunters of Baltimore

Ft Meade Ghost Hunter Society

Middle River Paranormal Investigators

National Ghost Hunters Society


SouthEast Michigan Ghost Hunters Society

Ann Arbor Paranormal Research Organization

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Michigan Organization Of Paranormal Activity Research


Minnesota Paranormal Investigators 


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North Carolina 

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Seven Paranormal Research & Investigation

North Dakota 

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Paranormal investigators of Central Oklahoma



SJGR: Philadelphia Office -

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