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Am I Haunted?

It would be impossible for me to include a complete course on paranormal phenomena here, but I hope that the following summarized and basic information will help you determine your whether or not you are really experiencing a haunting.   I hope I have hit all the highlights, if not let me know what you need!

What is a Ghost?

The word ghost can be defined as the spirit, soul or energy of a deceased human or animal. These beings tend to act is if they were still alive. The spirit of a person or animal tends to hold on to a moment or place in time that does not allow them to go on. This is not limited to their homes, offices, gravesites, or place of death. Sometimes this is a person or animal who has experienced a sudden, unexplained or tragic death. An example of this would be a child who has died and would remain in the house playing and going on with their daily routine.


Is My House Haunted?

Just because you hear strange noises in your house late at night doesn't mean that your house is haunted. Many times, those strange noises can be explained, even a door that opens by itself can sometimes be logically explained. This is when you, the homeowner, needs to experiment. Attempt to get that door open or try to make the strange noise happen again. How can I do this, you ask? Well simply try anything that you can to replay the "haunting" event, including jumping on the floor, running, or any other typical occurrence that happens daily. If the sound you keep hearing is behind an appliance make sure it isn't a fan or any other electrical component inside the appliance. Yes, sometimes that unexplained noise or event can be easily explained.

Now, if you've tried everything and you still can not recreate that event, you may have a haunting. Still, there is that possibility that you have missed something simple. Call a friend or neighbor and explain the problem and have them try to recreate the event. If you still can not make the event happen again and it has occurred more than once, I suggest you consider having paranormal investigators do an Investigation, in most cases they work for free.