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Here is a brief list of commonly used terminology used by those in the paranormal field. While this may not be all the terms used, these normally are the most common.

Anomaly- Something that is different, abnormal, peculiar or not easily classified within a scientific aspect.

Apparition- The life like appearance of a deceased person or animal. The appearance of apparitions is very unusual. A 'Crisis' apparition is a term used when someone sees the spirit of someone close to them right before, during, our right after their death.

Channeling- Uses communication with the paranormal through a state of trance. Some channellers allow the spirit to use their vocal chords to communicate. Others choice to let the spirit through by allowing them to use their hearing, vision and intuition.

Cleansing Ritual-A ceremony where the individual says prayers and uses specific objects to encourage a spirit to leave the premises. A Cleansing ritual is usually performed by a non clergic person.

Crisis Apparition- A one time appearance of the spirit of an individual that has just died, is gravely ill and close to death or in perilous danger this "ghost" of a person appears to frinds or loved ones andseems so lifelike that it is often mistaken for the "real thing".

Demon- A term used to describe a spirit that is essentially evil and that can affect the lives of human beings.

Ectoplasm- It is said to be the energy of a spirit that is present in a medium's body before any manifestation occurs. It is usually a milky white color.

Excorcism-A ritual in which a clergy attempts to stop or remove a demon. It is still performed, however under specific circumstances, such as only after following medical and psychological reports.

Ghost- Spirit energy that can move objects, open doors, make sounds. Ghosts are normally not connected to any certain place and can move freely. It is more common to hear this word used by the general public.

Haunting- A materialization/appearance of an often unexplained happening, which is repeated often and over a long period of time. Hauntings are usually connected to a certain place or residence.

Mediums- A 'sensitive' person who attempts to communicate with the paranormal.

Orb- Orbs are most commonly a white or yellow color. They are seen in pictures when the electrons and protons of an electro-magnetic field are moving so fast that the light isn't seen by the naked eye.

Paranormal- Something that is beyond normal experiences which is unexplainable.

Poltergeist Phenomena-Phenomena that usually causes noises/sounds to be heard and objects being moved. Apparitions are rare, but are possible. Also known as recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis.

Portal-a "doorway" by which spirits enter, portals may be created by use of "ouija" boards, seances, or other invitations. There also occurs some "natural" portals, though our understnading of these is minimal at this time.

Possession-A term used to describe the "taking over" of a persons body and mind by an evil spirit or demon.

Psychokinesis- The use of psychic power (willingly and unwillingly) to be able to move or influence an object without touch.

Seance-A group of people meeting with united intention of contacting the dead.

Spirit- The essence of a person that is said to remain after death.

Spirit Release- The process by which one hopes to end unwanted spirit activity. Most often it includes blessing a residence and/or a ritual to send the spirit on it's way.

Supernatural- Departing from what is usual or normal, especially if it appears to defy the laws of nature.

Vortex, what is commonly believed to be one or more orbs moving so rapidly that they appear as one long stream when they are captured on film