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Spiritual Self Defense

The bad new is that immediate fixes for hauntings are nearly impossible, the good news is that there things you can do to defend yourself - NOW!   Listed below are some of the most commonly used methods of protecting your self during the interim period until you can permanantly rid your home of unwanted spirits.   I am not going into all the theories on the "why" each of these attributes will work, but they do!   These methods may not be effective against demonic presences or in cases of posession, but they DO work very well with your garden variety spirit entity.

Furthermore, these techniques are not aligned with any one particular religious sect and you can adapt any technique to more closely align it them with your personal beliefs.

Remember, these are only very temporary "fixes" and may need to be repeated almost daily while you are accumulating information and confirmation of the details needed to put a permanant end to the unwanted activity.

The Don'ts

1.  Don't live in a high tension atmosphere, put an end to all conflict and stress in your life.   Having a lot of emotional conflict and stress fuels "activities".

2.   DO NOT consume or use drugs or alcohol during this period.   It is beleived that using these substances is tantamount to an open invitation to the spirit world, and under the influence you are less in a postition of control.

3.   DO NOT create a portal.  Portals are beleived to be created by the use of ouija boards, tarot cards, seances, or any other parlor "games" of an occult nature.

4.   Don't buy into the Hollywood version of what happens during a real haunting!   Thousands of people live each day with hauntings and none of them end up dead, unless they scare themselves to death!!

The Do's

1.   Keep an accurate log of activities.   Be sure to enter, day, date, time and any witnesses as well as the actual activity itself.

2.   Take photos   Any time you feel "uneasy", or when ever any activity occurs.   Spirit energy that we cannot see with our eyes is easily recorded on film.

3.   Record for EVP's.   Set up your recorder and leave it run during quiet times in your house, the most common time for activities is between midnight and 4:00 AM

4.   Keep a level head!   You must determine whether you are experiencing an "active" haunting, or an environmental imprint haunting.


1.   It will help a great deal if you believe in a Higher Power and Authority than we know on this plane.

2.   That this time in this dimension belong to you.

3.   That you have the "right" to decide which if any visitors you will allow into your home, be they human or otherwise.

4.   That you are protected from all harm by this Higher Authority, and that it is only with His/Her permission that anything can happen to you.

5.   That the power to cleanse is IN you, not in the words or ceremonies used during the process.